So this bitch...

Everyone loves a good rant, right? Well this blog is dedicated to ranting about bitches and dick-heads.

Yes, it's a rant blog...

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#53 This bitch is impossible…

It’s been a really long time since this girl and I haven’t talked. Recently I sent her a text saying sorry for whatever it is that I did to her.
At first we had a nice little chat but then she took one of my jokes way too personally and then we got into an argument. During that, she said that I’m too sarcastic and that she won’t tolerate my sarcastic bullshit and I really wanted to tell her that she takes things too personally, but I’m tired of all this drama so I just apologised for being sarcastic.

We kept arguing for most of the evening and it made me realise that almost all of our conversations end up with her being ‘offended’ and getting angry (which I think is complete bullshit).

I’m trying to just fix things so I can move on with my life but she keeps fucking dragging me down and I don’t know what else to do!!!

#52 This fucking French sub

Who the fuck do you think you are you piece of shit? I’m going to rip that fucking pussy ass ponytail of yours right off your greasy ass head. You fucking walk up in here like you own the place. Listen up. You’re a fucking teacher. A substitute teacher. You don’t own shit! You aren’t even good enough to be a full time teacher. Get the fuck out. I will fucking set you on fire if you fucking ever come back and call on me to answer a question again. Fuck you and your stupid greasy little ponytail. I’m going to pull your hair out. We’ll see if you still have the nerve to ask me to answer another question while I fucking set you on fire. Go back to wherever the fuck you came from. You look like a fucking hobo. Why the fuck do you have a ponytail? THAT IS NOT FUCKING OKAY. Do you realize that we can see you in that ponytail? Sit the fuck down you fucking bitch ass cunt.

#51 So this bitch is wondering why I’m so sarcastic with her…

So the bitch that shattered my heart began talking to me again lol
But I still have mixed feelings about her. One part of me wants her to still be a friend, but the other part of me wants her out of my life for a while.
She texted me with some “I really want to talk,” and bullshit, and being me, I just kinda responded with jokes, BUT my jokes are apparently really offensively sarcastic to her. (Lol how have the tables turned. Now SHE’S getting hurt. Oh boo hoo)

And she asks me why I’m being offensively sarcastic and in my head I’m like “hm…what could POSSIBLY make me act like this to you???? Would you like me to be all happy and cheerful when I look at your face?” But yeah if I said that then she’d be even more pissed with me.

It’s weird how she’s the one that’s always trying to talk to me now lol. Oh the irony.

#50 So this bitch is annoying me in french class…

There’s this girl that I’ve been trying to tolerate for the past few months (and I really have been trying to tolerate her lol) but lately her…stupidity is just too much.

In french class, she asks me to help her, and I do help her, but sometimes I get some things wrong. And when I do get things wrong she goes, “SEE! I told you it was supposed to be a different answer,” and she says it pretty loud too so the people around us can hear.

And idk, the way she acts and everything just annoys me. In my eyes, she’s like one of those people that think they’re adorable, but they’re just really annoying and they end up looking like idiots.

#49 So this bitch ruins my weekend

So uh, I thought things were going pretty well with this girl that I’ve been talking to at school, and I genuinely thought she liked me, and I was really excited because this would’ve been my very first girlfriend!

Yeah, too bad fairy tales don’t exist lol. Awkward.

I got a text from her phone saying, “Stay away from her,” and from that moment on my whole face just grew pale and cold. Then another text said, “She doesn’t like you that way,” which made me even more furious.

So, uh, yeah, I’ve never felt like this with anyone before, and I’ve had my heart broken so many times before already, but this is just too much. 

Time to pull out the Adele songs LOL but seriously

#48 So this bitch thinks she’s the best…

I was in music class with this bitch when our teacher was blabbing on about minor scales and what-not and he wrote down a harmonic minor scale on the board. When he asked the class what it was, the bitch immediately raised her hand and blurted out “I know the answer!”, but she actually didn’t know the answer and it took her a while to finally say the correct answer.
Then she said “can we do more theory? Cause I’ve done theory before,”
It annoys me how she thinks she’s so good at everything, especially music, but she doesn’t realize that she actually makes herself look mediocre. By the looks of things, she probably hasn’t even studied music past the basic level.
I’d just love to shove her precious arrogance down her filthy throat lol.

#47 So this bitch gets moody with me…

So I’m working on this little English project with this bitch, which seemed to be a really good friend of mine, until today she decided to get rudely sassy with me in class. She started of the class by saying “I want to punch you in the face right now,” which confused me because I literally have done nothing to her. 

For the whole class, she contributed little to the project, and when she did, her contributions included jumbled up words that hardly made sense. Now I have to erase all of her writing and try to make our project decent.

#46 So this bitch goes a little too far…

There’s this one bitch who’s really sarcastic whenever she talks to me, and she makes fun of me a lot. I don’t mind funny teasing with my friends, but there’s a certain extent to how harsh the teasing can get.

And the thing is, she doesn’t even know how bitchy she acts towards me. It seems that she likes to make fun of me more often than my other friends. She has even less of a heart than I do, and that’s saying something lol.


#45 I will burn this bitch.

Who the fuck do you think you are?! You fat fugly ho. How dare you give us a new fucking seating plan and put me right in the front next to your desk where you sit on your fat ass staring into my soul?! If you were pregnant I would push you down that stairs and kill you along with your baby. What the fuck is wrong with you?! I wasn’t here last class and you fucking decide to have an activity giving us 30 seconds to come up with 2 sentences involving bullshit that I wasn’t there to learn and understand! Fuck you! Are you delusional? Sit your ass down you piece of shit. Who the fuck are you to tell me where to sit?! I will sit on your deathbed while I cackle in joy. I will fucking skip all of your classes now you asshole. Do you really think it was a good idea to place me right next to you let alone next to two people who talk to each other while I fucking sit on the side. You crazy bitch. I will burn you alive and trap your soul. Fuck you and your 11 siblings. I wish misfortune upon you!